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EXIDE Equipment Gel
Exide’s EQUIPMENT GEL battery range is designed for boats and caravans with dedicated battery banks for navigation, emergencies, safety and comfort. The batteries are partially or even deeply discharged during use. EQUIPMENT GEL’s special design, combined with a good recharging procedure, allows for reliable performance and excellent service life. The EQUIPMENT GEL range, with Wh* performance from 290–2400Wh, covers all yourequipment supply needs, from small electronics to emergency power.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 ES1000-6 6V 190Ah 0 1 B00 245x190x275
 ES1100-6 6V 200Ah 1 INSERT B00 245x190x275
 ES290 12V 25Ah 0 LT B00 165x175x125
 ES450 12V 40Ah 0 LT B04 210x175x175
 ES650 12V 56Ah 0 1 B13 278x175x190
 ES900 12V 80Ah 0 1 B13 350x175x190
 ES950 12V 85Ah 1 1 B00 330x171x235
 ES1200 12V 110Ah 2 1 B00 285x270x230
 ES1300 12V 120Ah 0 1 B00 350x175x290
 ES1350 12V 120Ah 3 1 B00 513x189x223
 ES1600 12V 140Ah 3 1 B00 513x223x223
 ES2400 12V 210Ah 3 1 B00 518x279x240