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Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times (500 cycles at 70% discharge acc. to IEC254-1). Deep Cycle batteries are used in many applications including; Boats, RV’s, Solar and Wind power, Electric Vehicles, Electric Golf Cars, Floor Cleaning machines, Aerial Work Platforms and many more. VMF DC Series batteries provide the performance and life of a true deep cycle battery with all the convenience and benefits of being maintenance free & non-hazardous.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 DC12-12 12V 12Ah 3 F2 B00 151x98x95x101
 DC18-12 12V 18Ah 0 Insert B00 181x77x167x167
 DC22-12 12V 22Ah 0 INSERT M5 B00 181x77x167x167
 DC28-12 12V 28Ah 4 INSERT M5 B00 166x175x125x125
 DC28-12S 12V 28Ah 4 INSERT M5 B00 166x125x175x175
 DC36-12 12V 36Ah 1 INSERT M6 B00 195x130x163X180
 DC42-12 12V 42Ah 0 INSERT M6 B00 198x166x171X171
 DC60-12 12V 60Ah 1 INSERT M6 B00 229x138x210X235
 DC70-12 12V 70Ah 1 INSERT M6 B00 350x167x182
 DC85-12 12V 85Ah 1 INSERT M6 B00 260x169x215
 DC86-12 12V 86Ah 1 INSERT M6 B00 350x167x182
 DC104-12 12V 104Ah 1 INSERT M8 B00 307x169x210X235
 DC125-12 12V 125Ah 1 INSERT M8 B00 328x172x222x222
 DC140-12 12V 140Ah 1 INSERT M8 B00 344x173x280x285
 DC160-12 12V 160Ah 1 INSERT M8 B00 483x170x240x240
 DC190-12 12V 190Ah 4 INSERT M8 B00 530x209x214x219
 DC2-200 2V 200Ah 4 INSERT M8 B00 173x111x330x366
 DC2-300 2V 300Ah 1 M8 B00 171x150x353
 DC210-12 12V 210Ah 4 INSERT M8 B00 522x240x219x240
 DC250-12 12V 250Ah 4 INSERT M8 B00 522x240x219x240
 DC280-12 12V 280Ah 4 INSERT M8 B00 520x268x220x225