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VMF VRLA Batteries are designed for a variety of Applications such as UPS, Telecommunications, Medical equipment, Parking meters, Golf trolleys and a wide range of Electrical appliances.

Special features:
* Versatile: suited for both stationary and cyclic applications
* Simple: can be installed in any position
* Safe: can be installed in any normal ventilated area
*Maintenance-free: recombination ensures there is no need to ever replenish

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 SLA1.3-6 6V 1.3Ah 3 F1 B00 97x24x52x58
 SLA3.2-6 6V 3,2Ah 3 F1 B00 134x35x61x67
 SLA5-6 6V 5,0Ah 1 F1 B00 70x47x101x107
 SLA7-6 6V 7,0Ah 3 F1 B00 151x34x94x100
 SLA12-6 6V 12Ah 3 F1 B00 151x50x94x100
 SLA1.3-12 12V 1,3Ah 4 F1 B00 97x43x52x58
 SLA2.3-12 12V 2,3Ah 1 F1 B00 178x35x61x67
 SLA2.9-12 12V 2,9Ah 3 F1 B00 79x56x102x106
 SLA3.2-12 12V 3,2Ah 4 F1 B00 134x67x61x67
 SLA5-12 12V 5,0Ah 1 F1 B00 90x70x101x107
 SLA7-12 12V 7,0Ah 3 F1 B00 151x65x94x100
 SLA9-12 12V 9,0Ah 3 F2 B00 151x65x94x100
 SLA10-12 12V 10Ah 3 F1 B00 151x65x111x117
 SLA12-12 12V 12Ah 3 F1 B00 151x98x95x101
 SLA20-12 12V 20Ah 0 LT B00 181x77x167x167