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Recreational vehicles and craft require solid, reliable battery power for house power and other key-off accessory loads. Ordinary automotive batteries aren't designed to handle the deep-discharge accessory power any RV demands. A leisure battery on the other hand is designed to store power and release it over a much longer period of time.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 U1 12V 28Ah 250 SAE 1 LT B00 205x132x159x186
 U1R 12V 28Ah 250 SAE 0 LT B00 205x132x159x186
 VMF24M 12V 73Ah 600 SAE 1 MAR B01 257x172x200x220
 VMF27M 12V 90Ah 720 SAE 1 MAR B01 302x172x200x220
 VDC31M 12V 105Ah 800 SAE 1 MAR B01 330x172x218x239
 VMF50M 12V 50Ah 420 EN 0 1 B13 207x175x175x175
 VMF60M 12V 60Ah 480 EN 0 1 B13 242x174x175x175
 VMF70M 12V 70Ah 570 EN 0 1 B13 277x174x176x176
 VMF102M 12V 105Ah 800 EN 9 1 B01 330x172x220x240
 VMF95M 12V 95Ah 720 EN 0 1 B13 354x174x191x191
 VMF120M 12V 120Ah 870 SAE 3 1 B00 506x182x210x233
 VMF165M 12V 165Ah 1000 SAE 3 1 B00 506x212x210x230
 VMF200M 12V 200Ah 1200 SAE 3 1 B00 509x274x218x238
 VMF225M 12V 225Ah 1320 EN 3 1 B00 509x274x218x238