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This latest-generation Enhanced Flooded Battery offers significantly improved charge acceptance and cycle life.
In EFB technology, the positive plate is coated with so-called polyester scrim. This gives the active material additional grip on the plate. Deep cycle resistance is then greater than in traditional batteries, and the battery also remains ready for operation when subject to strong vibrations.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 EFB545410 45Ah 460 0 A B0 234x127x220
 EFB580740 12V 80Ah 800CCA 0 1 B1 302x172x220
 EFB560560 12V 60Ah 560 EN 0 1 B13 242x174x190x190
 EFB560620 12V 65Ah 620 EN 0 1 B00 230x172x200x220
 EFB565650 12V 65Ah 650 EN 0 1 B13 277x174x175x175
 EFB568730 12V 68Ah 670 EN 0 1 B01 257x172x200x220
 EFB570650 12V 70Ah 650 EN 0 1 B13 277x174x190x190
 EFB575730 12V 75Ah 730 EN 0 1 B13 315x174x175x175
 EFB580730 12V 80Ah 730 EN 0 1 B13 315x174x190x190
 EFB595900 12V 95Ah 900 EN 0 1 B13 352x175x190x190
 EFB610950 12V 110Ah 950 EN 0 1 B13 398x174x190x190
 EFB680110 12V 180Ah 1100 EN 3 1 B00 513x223x223
 EFB730125 12V 230Ah 1250 EN 3 1 B00 514x276x242